Nnamdi Kanu shows the clear difference between Cuba Hotel and Aso Rock (photos)


Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, The Leader of IPOB has revealed differences between Aso Rock and Cuba Hotel where he said Buhari Recorded his Coronavirus Broadcast.


“When you confront these Zoo forgers, thieves and liars in Aso Rock over their lousy photoshopping skills, they foolishly trot out an old picture of Jonathan with similar background while cleverly forgetting that their Cuban hotel photoshopped photo in circulation has a glass floor. They are so foolish in their thieving scamming minds that they forget the wall behind Jonathan is yellow not white as in the hotel basement in Cuba they stage managed their Jubril Coronavirus broadcast.

“The scamming Fulani cabal and their co-workers of iniquity in Femi Adesina, Garba Shehu, Lauretta Onochie the former sex trafficker and their gang of N3,000 a week ex-Yahoo Yahoo boy’s underestimate the might of IPOB to their peril. These criminals with their photoshopped pictures are the greatest scammers on this planet because they never answer any questions you throw at them.

“My simple question to these forgers is this:

“1. Where did you get the glass floor from in your Cuban picture when the same glass floor was non existent in Jonathan’s photo? Please answer…..

“2. When did you genuine scammers in Aso Rock paint the background wall white and if at all you did, can we please have a video and not pictures of this new white wall in Aso Rock? Watch out, they will never produce it.

“You see these criminals, forgers and master scammers in Aso Rock think their citizens are foolish. The impending death of Abba Kyari will teach them a lesson that lies never pays. They may have succeeded in deceiving their fellow idiotic Zoo animals called Nigerians but they can never deceive IPOB/Biafrans.

“We are waiting for your next picture and while you are it, don’t forget the mask Jubril was wearing in the Cuba broadcast, we MUST discuss that too. That is what they are avoiding, they never want to discuss the man behind the Buhari face mask instead they want you to focus all your attention on pictures. Abba Kyari’s Aso Rock are the true scammers of the century. Next photo please.