Nnamdi Kanu is sending youths to early graves – Igbo group urges Britain to investigate IPOB leader


Some concerned Igbo Youths in Nigeria and the Diaspora have urged the British High Commission in Abuja to call Nnamdi Kanu to book and investigate him over his ties with violence in the SouthEast.

According to the Igbo youth, Britain should investigate all the allegations levelled against him with his links over the IPOB to incite violence with the people.

The leader of the group, Mr Chukwuma Dike led the petition as they laid their concern to the British High Commission.

In his words: “We don’t want Nnamdi Kanu to be killing our people again. Our people have died enough, he has no agenda, he has no plans, what we want is just a peaceful society. Nnamdi Kanu is sending the youths to go and die unnecessarily. He brags that he has atomic bombs, he has this, he has that, and the youths believe him. He has nothing.

“Kanu is hiding in the United Kingdom, he is a British citizen. So we are here today at the United Kingdom High Commission to submit a letter to the High Commissioner that their citizen is causing problems here in our country.

“When I announced that I was coming here, they threatened to kill my mother and my younger ones. As I am talking to you, I don’t know whether the plan is still on the ground. We are reporting him to British High Commissioner so that he will take it to the Queen and let her know that her citizen is causing problems for us.”

“Go to all my social media pages, you will see threats everywhere. We have said before that we don’t want Kanu’s pattern in our country. He told us to boycott election, which people accepted. Two days to the election, he collected money and said referendum documents had been signed, sealed and delivered. He said after the election we are going to have it. It’s over 3 years now, he is still telling us to fight for referendum, which referendum again?

“His next strategy now is killing policemen and soldiers in the South-East. How can you kill security operatives and except them to keep quiet? The people killed are their colleagues and some are their best friends. The worst part of it is even that the police and soldiers that are being killed are also from the so-called Biafra.

“He sent his people to kill anyone that says anything or goes against his policies. Enough is enough, we have had enough of Kanu and we are saying no to him. The only way we can register our grievances is to go to his country, Britain, because that is the passport that is using.

“So we are today at the British Embassy to say that we not happy with what Kanu is doing. IPOB is registered in Britain. We are calling for independent investigation to look into all the activities of Kanu.

“Kanu has buried many people alive in the South-East, he has sent his thugs to kill many people. Today we the Igbo youths of Nigeria and the Diaspora are here to protest that Nnamdi Kanu’s case file must be opened in Britain to investigate all the allegations written in our letter and everything about him. So that we can have a peaceful society. We are not slaves, we are free men.”