NLC would disown Obi if he adopted IMF policies as Nigeria’s President – NLC President Ajaero says

The President of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) Joe Ajaero has said that the labour union would have disowned the 2023 presidential candidate of the Labour Party (LP) Peter Obi if he had adopted the policies of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank had he been elected Nigeria’s President. 


Ajaero said this on Tuesday, May 14, while appearing on Channels Television’s The Morning Brief breakfast programme.


Speaking on the position of the NLC on the removal of petrol subsidy and electricity subsidy, he said that the labour union would have it tough with any LP President who implements the policies of Bretton Woods institutions which supports the removal of subsidies on electricity tariff and petrol. 


The NLC President said, “He (Obi) is the presidential candidate of Labour Party but does he own NLC or the Labour Party? Why can’t you separate them? Whosoever is the presidential candidate or official of the Labour Party must buy into our projects. If he says he was going to undertake those policies, let him be elected and try such policies. 


“Whether a presidential candidate of a party that Labour forms would dictate for Labour? The answer is known to everybody. The policies of Labour, the ideologies of Labour are clear and we are going to pursue it. If anybody is coming with another ideology, he is going to have it tough with us because that is not what we stand for.


“It (our approach) would have been worst for anybody flying the flag of Labour Party to come and implement these policies, to come and adopt the policies of the IMF and the World Bank. It would have been worst for the person. In fact, we would disown the person, he would be on his own. We have to make this distinction clear.”

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