Nikki Banks Reveals Each of Her 12 Tattoos Represents Something


Ghanaian artiste Belinda Asabea known by the stage name, Nikki Banks has revealed she has 12 tattoos and each of them represents the people she loves.

“I have twelve (12) tattoos and all these are the names of people who are family to me,” She said.

According to her, only of the tattoos is her stage name. The others are names of her mum, dad, siblings, daughter as well as few people from her management team.

Nikki Banks also added that she had tattoos of a flower and a wing on both sides of her thighs to symbolize how she was going to fly high in the music industry.

When asked if she would ever have to get rid of the tattoos of the names of her management team if they parted ways, Nikki said:

“I have a reason for putting their names on my body.”