Nigerians who went to Church on Sunday shouldn’t attempt to beg me for money online – Hushpuppi


In the late hours of yesterday Sunday March 29, 2020, Nigerian socialite and instagram influencer Hushpuppi posted a picture on his instagram status @hushpuppi to show his displeasure with Nigerians who flaunted the Federal government restriction order and went to Church on Sunday March 29.

This is because the government had earlier announced that public gatherings if over 50 people has been banned till further notice due to the global pandemy corona virus, in a bid to reduce and control the outreach of the virus in Nigeria.

Hushpuppi took to his instagram status @hushpuppi to make this post as he posted a picture, which states,

“Those of you in Nigeria going to church today and refusing to stay home, just know if anything happen to you and your families, your pastors will only donate prayers which can’t cure corona obviously. Don’t blame the government for anything, they are doing their best, it’s you who isn’t helping and you deserve the consequences of your actions !!! Also don’t come and beg money in my dm o bastard people. ”


Below is a screenshot evidence of Hushpuppi’s post with his statement to Nigerians who broke the stay at home order by going to church.