Nigerians react to sack of Head of service of the federation winifred oyo-Ita.

Winifred Oyo-Ita.

Reactions have trailed the suspension of Head of Service of the Federation, Winifred Oyo-Ita.

President Buhari reportedly suspended Oyo-Ita indefinitely, and has named Folashade Yemi-Esan as the acting head of service “with immediate effect”.

Reacting, some Nigerians took to their social media and wondered why Buhari was yet to investigate other corrupt officials in his cabinet.

Many fingered Abba-Kyari as the master mind behind the sack of Oyo-Ita.

Below are some comments on twitter

Abba Kyari in the robe of Buhari sacks Head of Service, Oyo-Ita.

Oyo Ita tendered resignation, Buhari rejected it, only for the same Buhari to sacked her few weeks after rejecting her resignation. This country ehn, the more you see, the less you know.


Abba Kyari’s hands, legs, head and body are written all over the Sack of Oyo Ita Head of Service!

Remember the 3 powerful persons in Aso Rock!


Once you fully perceive and decipher the role of Abba Kyari in the Buhari administration, it becomes easy to understand.

Take this headline for instance: substitute “Buhari” with “Abba Kyari” then remember her quarrel with him and you’ll know why Oyo-Ita had it coming.

@Camaradean, “this nextlevel go reach turn by turn.. @Efcc should conclude there investigation on Oyo ita and publish all the fact findings. Because the 600mili naira found in one of her aide akant can’t be swept under the carpet.”

@Zemojnr, “Wishing the new appointee all the best, was expecting Mrs. Winifred to have resign her appointment before now.”

@Trufully83, “When they need you, they use you. When they are done with you, they dispose of you. A lesson to all the blind followers and cronies of @MBuhari and his AsoRock cabals from the south. If they want you out, they must give the dog a bad name to justify hanging him.”

@Ojoolajiga2, “It’s incredibly stunning. Appointing another Woman as Head of service. This has demonstrated our President love for equality. Gender balancing. Our President is not a racist.”

@adeyanjubiodun, “Hopefully, Mrs. Oyo-Ita will have her day in court soon. Hopefully too, this change of guard will herald much anticipated civil service reforms.”

@Temitope_Aa, “Dr Yemi-Esan surely deserves this appointment, albeit in acting capacity. So do some of the other Permsecs who’ve had their tenures extended. Somehow, PMB is showing that he has his ears to the ground. May the good Lord help them all to succeed in their endeavors, amen.”

@Donteewrites, “EFCC that did not see Tinubu bullion vans wants to investigate Winifred Oyo?? Sad stuff.”

@Ahmaduu, “Well done my president. This is how the administration shld be dealing with anyone with allegation of either misappropriation or indicted for wrong doing.”

@WaleolaN, “Oyo ita wanted to resign but this man obviously wanted to be the one to sack her.
If she’s guilty of the crime she’s been accused, then she deserves everything coming her way.
This abuse of office by any form of corrupt act must stop pronto.”

@Monsieurblack,”LOL. Dem don run Oyo Ita streets. Fun fact, EFCC will not publicly investigate any senior public officer unless the powers that be sanctioned by the powers that be.”

@Ugochukwuanya, “Nothing will come out of this, this is just to justify Onoghen and Oyo Ita.”