“Nigerians can’t tell me they are poor” — Kenyan lady says after seeing amount of tomatoes Nigerians use to make stew

A Kenyan lady has warned Nigerians to stop insisting they are poor after seeing the amount of tomatoes used to make stew by members of the country.

The lady posted this on her TikTok account,@_jimo_m, where she questioned Nigerians for using that amount of tomatoes in this current economy.

According to her many people in Nigeria cannot survive the current Kenyan economy where they have to manage the amount of tomatoes used to cook.

The Kenyan lady claims that many relationships in her country are ending over this issue as using more than two tomatoes can cause a breakup.

See some reactions to her video

@kelly said: “8 tomatoes is just for my egg sauce”

@ejikeokei wrote: “With the 8 tomatoes nigeria still add more Tin tomatoes”

@Sammielix reacted: “Tomorrow I’m coming to Kenya to sell Tomatoes😅”

@Peterson Electrical Services added: “as a Nigerian, we can survive anywhere,I’m sure you know Antarctica, we’re there”

@robin_don1277 asked: “Do you count tomatoes 🍅 we don’t count here in Nigeria. We just buy them 😅 I use even more than 20. I dunno. I use even more 😂”

Watch video here……


In this economy? #jimo #foryou #fyp

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