Nigerian woman who asked for N300k instead of free surgery to remove her goiter passed away

A Nigerian woman from Osun state, Folakemi, has died few months after she refused free surgery from a non-governmental organization (NGO) to remove her goiter and asked for N300k cash instead.

The woman hailing from Ede, identified as Folakemi, suffered from goiter went viral last year after she sought for medical help but when a team of doctors offered her free medical services, she opted out and asked for the money raised on her behalf.

Folakemi, who took to the streets to be for alms daily, refused the surgery and requested for N300k cash instead.

According to the NGO which raised the money for Mrs Folakemi, she went back to her village in Osun state, hoping the state government would help with the treatment cost but nothing came from that end.

The NGO boss said Folakemi later met a doctor in Osun state who convinced her to give him the N300,000 so he could operate on her.

Unfortunately, the operation did not go well and Folakemi died in the process.

Watch the video below:

Social media users expressed their sadness as they thronged to comment section. Some reactions are shown below:

sandraikeji said, “Guys read well, she did the surgery, it just din’t go well and she died in the process. Pray not require emergency surgery in this country. Pray!”

padonwachukwu said, “Poverty …… let’s God see everyone through”.

rhodaofficial_ said, “I literally thought o this woman yesterday 😢😢😢. She chose her path,May she find rest 🙏”.

iam_bmodel said, “Is it her greed or is it poverty that k!lled her. I just don’t know what to call this”.

golddesire_oma said, “This toxic goiter can be very toxic and comes with lots of discomfort, it almost killed me last year but I’m glad I took it out. The surgery is scary, knowing that your neck will be opened. I’m glad I’m blessed with the best surgeon 🧑‍⚕️.. God bless doctor Charles”.

coxie_31 said, “Poverty is the real disease!”

prettybenrake said, “Love of momey . God give her chance to be alive she end up collecting money”.

fabb_thriftisland said, “Ahhh God this is sad, taking the help of those professional practitioners who offered to help her for free would have been the best best, they night even end up giving her the 300k so as so to have something to fall back on. I feel like she had chances to survive but who are we to question God. May her soul find rest😢”.

___omololasilver___ said, “How can money be more important than your life.. Well, she made her choice. May her soul rest in peace🙏”.

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