Nigerian woman seeks advice as her mother-in-law prepares to come and live with them

A Nigerian woman, Victoria Moneke, is seeking advice on whether to ask her husband to open the spare room in their 2-bedroom apartment which was locked by his brother before travelling out. 


According to the woman, her mother-in-law is preparing to stay with them and they need the extra room. 


“Evening lovely people, please I want to ask a question, my mother in-law is about to stay with us, don’t have problem with that. It is a 2bedroom apartment, one room is locked due to my brother in-law that lived there before traveling out, reasons b it dat some of their property are being lock there. my question is, right now my husband is planning for him to b sleeping in d parlor while his mum sleeps in d room with us. I have two children. Is it right if I talk to him to open d other room? We can adjust something there for the mum to stay, my marriage is still young we sometimes need privacy to talk and so on.” 

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