Nigerian woman gets Int’l recognition for solving Nigeria’s electricity problem (video)

Anu Adasolum

Anu Adasolum, the founder of Rensource, was honoured by the 2019 Bloomberg Global Business Forum for her renewable energy solution.

During the event, her video titled The Conversation, was screened where she explains her life-long dream of solving Nigeria’s electricity problem.

The entrepreneur said that her biggest challenge in balancing work and her personal life is getting a good internet service.

Nigerians are not only putting the nation on the world map for their genius, they are also pushing the frontiers of how humanity could be rescued from the consequences of extreme modernisation.

Anu Adasolum, the manager of Rensource, is one of those people seeking how humanity’s problems could be solved. She is using her company to provide renewable energy and discourage the use of diesel generator.

Watch the video below:

In a short video title The Conversation that was screened during the 2019 Bloomberg Global Economic Forum, she said providing electricity to every home and business has always been her dream since she was a child.

She said that gas flaring is making the atmosphere more toxic and unhealthy for people and that is why solar energy is the key answer to that.

Anu said that her company’s goal is to solve the country’s problem as a lot of businesses and homes run on million of diesel generators.

In an interview with an online media recently, she said her biggest challenge in balancing her life and work, is internet.