Nigerian woman ecstatic as she reunites with husband and children in Canada

A heartwarming video captures the joyous moment as a Nigerian woman is reunited with her husband and children in Canada.

At the airport, the woman was embraced by her four children and husband, a heartwarming scene captured on video. Their abundance of luggage indicated their intention to settle in Canada permanently.

Expressing her gratitude to God, she welcomed her “priorities” to their new home in Canada. The caption on the video read: “This God is too good. Welcome to Canada my priorities. Thank you Jesus.”

Check out some reactions to the video:

Eunice Tope wrote: “Beautiful family.🥰 Daughter kind of annoy me at first, like can you please allow your mum meet her husband please.😁”

LexzyXchange wrote: “See as them dey do like them win money.. choi”

Adebayo noted: “The priorities are well defined in this image.”

dominionaire said: “To be honest i don’t like her body language towards the hubby, possibly not big on PDA but she for try small.”

Arm observed: “She’s only happy for the kids, not the hubby”


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