Nigerian upcoming crossdresser is searching for a new sugar daddy to him feel like a grown woman


Nigerian upcoming cross dresser is looking for a new sugar daddy that can handle him/her and make him/her feel like a grown woman.

Daniel Anthony popularly known as jay boogie, is really trying to gain attention with some controversial posts lately. The port Harcourt /Lagos based public figure is known for his stunning looks like a lady, as most people have confessed of how pretty he is, just like a girl.

Though he is being rebuked majorly in Nigeria as the act of gayism is illegal in Nigeria.

This time he made a post saying his daddy went on a trip and that he will miss all the angles they used to explore in his mansion.

He also said on the post that he needs another daddy that is capable of handling him and who can make him feel like a grown woman.

Trust me, I personally was confused writing this up because i put “her” were i was to put “him”.

See his post here;