Nigerian University tell Master’s Degree holder to rewrite exams, claim she failed 1-year after giving her certificate


Nigerian UK-based lecturer and career adviser, Dr Dipo Awojide, has taken to his Twitter account to accuse an unnamed Nigerian University of asking a Masters degree holder to rewrite some courses years after she graduated and was issued her certificate.

Dr Dipo revealed the lady, who finished her MSc in 2016, applied for a transcript to allow her study abroad but she was told that she failed some courses and needed to retake them.

This comes after she had collected her statement of result and certificate, indicating that she has fulfilled all the requirements and passed out of the school.

“Nigerian Universities are at it again. Just spoke to someone who finished her MSc in 2016, collected Statement of Result in 2018 and Certificate in 2019. Now she’s applying for transcript to study abroad but has been told she failed some courses and need to come retake them.” Dr Dipo wrote.