Nigerian Transgender James Brown pleads for people to help each other in this Covid-19 lockdown!


James Brown famous Nigerian transgender who severally called himself a princess on Instagram and called her Anty is the Queen!

Well who in the world is her Anty?

James Brown is getting famous on Instagram after celebrating his 100,000 Instagram followers of recent and still counts.

He is fashionista, an advertiser and brand promoter.

James Brown have indeed sort out in means in this hard time and furious outbreak of the Coronavirus outbreak in world and in Nigeria to specific to render help to people in anyway he can.

He created a video post on Instagram where he pleaded with people to help one another in this pandemic time in anyway they can.

“Several people has been on my in box recently, pleading and requesting for food and physical cash from me because of the lockdown”

It’s of no doubt that the lockdown will and has definitely affected business in all sector.

James Brown has definitely several times talked on how he grew from grace to grace in life and I think that’s why he wants to render help no matter what.

He still exclamation and ask Followers to help one another I this difficult time, that nothing is too small, any one you help today might not forget you tomorrow.

And am sure with hope that the Coronavirus will come to an end!