Nigerian stylist Jane Ekanem calls out her sister for putting her in a psychiatric hospital after claiming she’s “mad”;


Nigerian stylist Jane Ekanem has gone online to call out her family members and also a number of popular people. She also threatened that DJ Cuppy’s turn is coming and has ignored calls from celebrities asking her to calm down and take her business off social media.

Jane Ekanem began by calling out Laolu Sebanjo, the Nigerian musician and visual artist who is credited with doing the body art in Beyonce’s Lemonade music video.

She claimed that Laolu took credit for a piece of her creation that she gifted to him, then he marketed it to Serena Williams as his and went ahead to mass produce it.

Sharing a photo of Laolu with American actor Omari Hardwick, she wrote: “This is my handmade design @laolunyc is wearing. Can someone please tell me why he would be wearing my piece without mentioning me especially when we both know he did not pay a dime. Not even for the dispatch.”

Also, sharing a photo of Serena Williams on Essence magazine, she wrote: “Haven’t you ever wondered why @serenawilliams never commented or liked my picture? Let me break it down for y’all.

“Laolu is a ‘friend’. I gift him with a piece of my creation for free. Laolu lies to @essence that he made the piece and it can be mass produced.

“Serena Williams (perhaps knows about the business and she like ‘cool’. Unknown to her that it wasn’t Laolu that made it so it ain’t her business). I post it on social media, Laolu gets angry I posted my creation and tries to shut me up. I refused, then he gets upset and mass produces it.”

She also called out one of her former employees (now fired), Ms Kudirat for being in on it. She said Ms Kudirat gave out the pattern for her creation then “co produces” it with her husband.

Jane wrote: “My friends on the other hand contact #MissKudirat . She gives them the pattern and even co produces with her husband @ibrahimwoodsofficial (batch 2).

“My family on the other hand (anyway I’ll talk about that in a few minutes). These ones came from the Attah’s. Meanwhile my brother is involved o.

“And you say I should calm down. Calm down for what?

“A Northerner will lose a cow and the world will not be at peace. If I don’t see who is supposed to talk to me, I’m burning this building down! Let the world come to an end!
Please try me!!! Please I’m begging you.”

She also announced on Instagram that Ms Kudirat no longer works with her company.

Jane Ekanem went on to state that her family members are “involved”.

In another post, she called out her sister for arresting her, labelling her “mad” and sending her off to Yabaleft.

She shared a photo of her appointment card at the Federal Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital in Yaba and wrote: “..And while I started asking questions to understanding where my elder brother has been for 7 years, I was arrested through my sister who claimed that I am mad.

“Please people would you not be mad if you were in my shoes?

“Meanwhile I was said to be arrested under ‘false pretense’. Nobody sent for me, no one said ‘our daughter has gone wild let’s know what’s wrong’.
Rather your big big aunties them insulted me that I am ungrateful, I talk too much bla bla bla (I will respect them enough not to call names). It was when I started asking them ‘if your child was missing what would you do?’ Then they knew I have been calm.

“Guess who came to take me to the psychiatric hospital? My elder sister! She is yet to tell me why she locked me up. (I need a human right lawyer). I just want to know who told her I am mad (because she claims that ‘a friend’ told her I am mad’). I want to know that ‘friend’ or else, we put her in there. She needs to tell us how she built 8 duplexes in 10 years and being jobless.”

She added that her sister has some questions to answer and must tell the world the name of the friend who she claims told her that she’s mad.

She wrote: “I’ll be putting up my sister’s phone numbers and home address if she doesn’t text me the name of the person who told her to take me to the psychiatric home. I will not stop! #TillTomorrow .