Nigerian se x slave in Italy married one of her clients and they now have a daughter (video)


A Nigerian woman has told of how she met her husband when she was a sex slave in Italy. He was one of her clients and fell in love with her.

Princess Inyang, from Akwa Ibom state in Nigeria, made the revelation while speaking on Australia’s SBS Dateline. She said she was lured to Italy under the pretense that she will be given a well-paid job and safer life. However, on getting to Italy 18 years ago, she was forced to sleep with five to fifteen men daily.

She said she was forced to perform oral sex on men for $6 and $19 for intercourse to repay the crippling debt she owed her trafficker. She said that her hope of one day regaining her freedom began to dwindle and freedom seemed impossible to achieve.

Fortunately, her life changed after she met a client, Alberto, who fell in love with her, rescued her, and later became her husband.

In a documentary titled Princess And The Sex Slaves, Alberto said: “Bit by bit, I came to see that she was beautiful, but also a slave.”

Princess said after their first meeting, they started dating secretly and Alberto began saving money to settle her debts and free her from slavery. After her debts were paid off, she and Alberto got married 13 years ago, and they are blessed with a daughter.

Now free, Princess helps free other women who are forced to work as sex slaves in Italy. She has rescued over 250 girls and is now taking on the Nigerian mafia in a bid to help other victims of trafficking.

She said: “I came as a slave, but now I help the victims of trafficking.”

Watch the video below.


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