Nigerian reportedly gets deported for repeatedly sending prayer link to Caucasian colleague

A Nigerian is reported to have been deported from abroad for allegedly sending an NSPPD link to a Caucasian colleague.

This was reported on X by a netizen known as @Morris_Monye who shared the incident.

He revealed that a Nigerian was sent packing after the individual’s Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) was revoked for sending NSPPD link.

NSPPD stands for New Season Prophetic Prayers and Declarations, which is an online digital prayer meeting organized by Pastor Jerry Eze, the founder of Streams of Joy International Church.

@Morris_Monye said …

“You sent NSPDD to your white colleague then got your COS revoked for it and you get sent back to Nigeria.


Check out reactions …

Aaron0806 said: “NSPPD weh doctors and nurses dey refer their Cancer and people with terminal sicknesses to, a lot of testifiers got to know about it at the hospital in euro, uK and America, dey play.😎”

@yuteoflondon commented: “why? how does that even connect? the person should report to employment tribunal asap if this is truly what transpired.”

@onyeani_o said: “This is just like been sacked for praying instead of attending to customers and people will defend rubbish. Wisdom is profitable to direct. There is what is called UNSOLICITED if it doesn’t mean a thing in Nigeria it means something some where else. You can share those links on your bio, WhatsApp status, stories, pages. even on shared groups is a no no unless a group of like minds. But then again, we are more religious than the religion. After dem go call village people…. Those are the issues”

@NDrAgwoTurumbe said: “I have worked in developed economies and 3 things you don’t discuss with people who are not your very good friends at the workplace are:
1) Religion
2) Politics
And the Oga patapata of them all
3) Sex (jokes etc)

But I guess the person thought those HR guides were just Cruise”

@Babakay93 said: “A friend was discussing boxing match with a colleague. Man jokingly told him they should stage their own fight and he’s going to win him. Three days later ward manager called my guy inside office say that nurse reported him that he was going to beat him up. 😂”

@Ddbest101 remarked: “You should know your boundaries”

@nnamexi penned: “COS means certificate of sponsorship, what has that got to do with NSPPD?

I’m hoping this story has more to it ooo, because work colleague is not HR or your employers, and even if they are, did you break any code of conduct warranting a sack?

Clarification is necessary sha ooo”

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