Nigerian musicians have done more for national awareness than any ambassador – Ali Baba

Veteran comedian Atunyota Alleluya Akpobome, popularly known as Ali Baba, highlights the significant impact of Nigerian musicians on national awareness.

According to him, these talented individuals have done more to promote Nigeria’s image than any official ambassador.

In a recent interview with Channels Television, Ali Baba expressed his disappointment that despite the entertainment industry’s substantial contributions to the nation’s growth, it remains overlooked in government economic plans.

He lamented that a recent 200-page report by the Nigerian Economic Summit Group, forecasting the country’s economic future, failed to acknowledge the entertainment and creative industry’s value.

Ali Baba emphasized that the creative industry’s influence extends far beyond Nigeria’s borders, citing Burna Boy as an example.

He stated that the Grammy-winning artist has put Nigeria on the global map, showcasing the country’s rich cultural heritage to a worldwide audience.

In his words:

“Two years ago, a forecast of the Nigerian economy in the next five years was looked into by the Nigerian Economic Summit Group and the entertainment and creative industry was not considered.

“A booklet of about 200 pages was done and the creative industry was not considered. The value of the creative industry in Nigeria is beyond the country.”

“Burna Boy has done a lot more for the Nigerian national awareness than any ambassador that have been posted to America, the UK or any other place. So Nigerian artists are creating national awareness and making other countries to know about us than any ambassador would have done.”

In another story,  Alibaba slams EFCC over Bobrisky’s arrest.

The comedian posed a rhetorical question, questioning why Bobrisky was arrested for a similar offense while the men in the video went unpunished.

Highlighting what he perceived as a gender bias in the treatment of individuals by the EFCC, Alibaba recalled a previous incident where a female celebrity was sentenced for the same offense.

He lamented the unequal treatment of women in Nigeria, emphasizing the disparity in how men and women are treated for similar infractions.

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