Nigerian musicians finding success on Gemtracks

The increasingly popular music-industry freelance marketplace, Gemtracks Beats, has finally opened its doors to Nigerian musicians.

Started in 2017, the website acted as an online store to sell the owner’s – DJ Jesse Neo – own instrumental beats but has recently been upgraded to a public platform where anyone could sell their own beats and offer music services.

For several years, the website was exclusively available in North America and Europe. But due to the increase in demands, it is finally opening to the Nigerian market.

An article from The Jerusalem Post stated that Gemtracks could easily take on the role of a traditional record label.

“What makes Gemtracks unique is that everything you buy on the website can only be sold once,” Jesse told us. “This means you can rest assure that no one will have the same track or song as you. There is nothing more embarrassing than finding out a sample in your song is also being used by someone else.”

Presently, more than 10,000 users have signed up to the website, most of them customers. Freelancers, on the other hand, make up around 10% of the website, and offer everything from songwriting, music composition and music mixing.

Some of the most popular items on the website include hip hop beats and rap beats.

“The reason why I am launching Gemtracks in Nigeria is because I found out that there are many unrecognized musical talents in this country that should be given a path to have their work seen on the world stage,” Jesse continued.

“By letting Nigerian freelancers collaborate with musicians overseas, they would be able to build up their recognition and even get some new fans along the way.”

Freelancers can set the price and terms of their work, and this includes having their names credited in the final release of each song. This could be life changing if the song produced reaches the top of the American charts.

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