Nigerian man seizes his wife’s Jeep and locks her shop after finding out she is another married man’s side chic

A man has narrated the drama that ensued when a married woman stormed the house of her husband’s side chic.

Taking to his Twitter account, @Morris_Monye said the married woman visited her husband’s side chic who is married and beat her up. Narrating further, he said the husband to the said side chic on hearing that his wife sleeps around, decided to seize the Jeep he bought and locked the shop he opened for her.

@Morris_Monye wrote: “Married woman went to another married side-chick’s house to beat her up for sleeping with her husband in the presence of married side-chick’s husband. He seized her jeep and ordered her shops locked. Na the matter we dey judge since morning na him I never tweet since. Side chick husband seized side chick’s jeep and shops. Everywhere na cry. This one pass me.”


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