Nigerian man seeks justice in church, reports lady to pastor after she eats his shawarma but fails to give love

A Nigerian man reports a lady to his pastor during church service after she ate his shawarma and refused to give him her love.

The pastor tells her to return his shawarma or give him her love.

This is revealed in a new video making waves on a social media platform.

In the said video, the young man can be heard voicing his concerns, revealing the moment a lady he met refused to give him the love he wanted because he has a condition, despite eating his shawarma.

He explained that even if he has a condition, the love he wants is not a matter of condition but a matter of the heart, hence, she shouldn’t have done that to him.

The pastor, while trying to intervene in the case, asked him if he wants his shawarma back or if she should give him her love. In response, he made it clear that he wants the love and not the shawarma.

He went on to add that he couldn’t sleep since the moment she ate his shawarma, and that was why he had to come forward to report the incident to the pastor.

Speaking further, he maintained that he went to different Mallams around to tie her to him, but they didn’t do that and instead scammed him.



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