Nigerian man reveals how policemen arrested his friend in Lagos for having Playstation 4 in his bag and accused him of using it to do yahoo yahoo


A Nigerian man known as on Twitter, has taken to the platform to narrate an oddly interesting incident involving his friend, policemen and a PlayStation 4.

He said that the incident happened in Ojuelegba, Lagos state, adding that men of the Nigeria Police force accosted his friend and arrested him after searching the contents of his bag.

They accused him of being into yahoo yahoo (online fraud) after seeing a PlayStation 4 game in his bag. He however did not give any further details.

Tweeting with his account, the man @aproko_doctor wrote:

“My friend just updated on his status that policemen arrested him at Ojuelegba for having a Ps4 in his bag, claiming that that’s what he uses for Yahoo Yahoo.”