Nigerian man reveals how he was shocked when his girlfriend pulled her pant down because of heat

Alo innas

Alo innas made another shocking experience on I.G he started saying The year 2015 is one year I will never forget … I was a 3rd year student of unilorin,
I went home for a short break … And I decided to resume early. So I can have more time to settle down and prepare for school and also to relax with my Girlfriend at the time, it was supposed to be a surprise as i did not tell my girlfriend or friends I’ll be coming back that early.

But on getting to my own apartment which I left the key to my best friend to use anytime he feels like … The first thing that shocked me was seeing my girlfriend slippers that I bought her at the doorstep with that of my friend… “What could she be doing with him knowing am not around “. 

I decided I won’t knock, why should I even knock my own door … I opened the door forcefully and to my greatest shock, I saw my girlfriend pants down with my best friends only on boxers …

They were both shocked to see me and she quickly adjusted herself, I just sat at a corner helplessly, feeling heartbroken and highly disappointed, I felt like I should cry. No more like I should die … this was the gal I love So much and a friend I trust too much …

Then she spoke the dumbest excuse I ever heard, she said its not what I think … That she came to tell him something and because there was heat that was why she pulled her pant down … Like seriously