Nigerian man praises Georgina Rodriguez for what she did for Ronaldo


Football great, Cristiano Ronaldo at 35, girlfriend gifts him a super charger luxury Mercedes Benz Brabus.

On Wednesday, Cristiano Ronaldo clocked 35-years-old, and his stunning girlfriend chose to surprise the super rich football star, after treating him and son to dinner.

Ronaldo’s girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez surprised him with a brand new Mercedes Brabus AMG G63 to celebrate him on his special day. This wonders on wheels had a wrapping adorning it, with colors of love – red.

The special moment was caught in a short video that Georgina posted to her Instagram page with the caption:

”Congratulations to the man of my life! What a desire to transport our love in your gift”.

In the video, an unsuspecting Cristiano Ronaldo was filmed making his way out of Turin’s Ristorante Casa Fiore to a group of waiting friends and fans, who sang and greeted him as he walked to his new luxury vehicle, a special gift from his woman.

The 577 horsepower vehicle is worth a mind-blowing £114,336. I would leave you to do the monetary calculation then conversion to your local currency, wheresoever you’re reading from.

As against a popular opinion that has overtaken many social media platforms since after that news, many chose to relate it to Nigerian relationships, and with prime focus on our ladies and the gifts they give to their men, especially as Valentine is just seven days away. I wouldn’t join the bandwagon.

To both sexes, I dare ask, what are you planning to gift your love this season?

Please dear ladies, enough of the handkerchiefs and singlets, our boyfriends aren’t atiliogwu or mkpokiti cultural dancers. And for you men, una mumu no de ever do. It’s an incurable ailment, know you thee, that the lady you may be planning to surprise with the lastest Iphone, has three other guys in the line planning same.

Well, whatsoever that suites you and gives you joy, do it. Ofcourse, we mustn’t all be Ronaldo, or HoS girlfriend, people must be open to do what they only can.

In another news, it was alleged that in some part of Onitsha, two different ladies are having an artwork done for their man, with same photo at a particular shop. Now, who’s the original owner of the man?

Sometimes, being single does a lot good – saves time, money, energy, then limits drama, side talks and takes away gross foolishness, often brought about by disrespect, intolerance, misunderstanding, avoidable suspense and pride, and ofcourse above all else, gives peace of mind.