Nigerian man loses his job for making sexual comment about a 2-year-old girl – Lady reveals


A Nigerian man reportedly lost his job after he literally sexually harassed a 2-year old girl he found attractive.

The story was shared on Twitter by a lady, Husna who was apparently in the company of the girl when the incident happened. Sharing the interesting story, Husna wrote;

“Someone saw a chubby 2 year old with me & said “man wey go marry this one go enjoy o, see as she get body”. Lol I won’t say what happened after sha. Just letting you all know that when you blame sexual harassment & abuse on wearing mini skirt, you’re just disgracing yourself.” she stated.

She then added;

“When I finished he also lost his job. That was why I said what happened is not the business of anybody, cos I have handled it.” she added.