Nigerian man criticizes parents for accompanying grown-up children to their JAMB examination centers

A Nigerian man has sparked a conversation on social media by criticizing parents for accompanying their grown-up children to their JAMB examination centers.

He questioned whether they would also follow their children to university if they were to gain admission.

His statement read: “Today is the JAMB examination, I don’t know why parents follow grown-ups to the exam center.”

“Will you follow them to the university when they finally gain admission? What kind of parenting style is that?”

Following his statement, concerned individuals flooded the comment section of the post to share their thoughts.

See some reactions below:

@nurse_kidda: “My parents didn’t follow me but I felt sad and a bit jealous when I saw other parents accompanying their own kids.”

@Jaiyejejeomo: “Shows how much you weren’t trained with love. Why would any leave his or her 15,16yrs old alone to go to examination centre in an area they aren’t familiar with. Train your child the way you want it & let people care for theirs the way they want. Arindin wan trend.”

@Ayomiepat_: “I know someone whose mum followed to his PPA and waited until he was able to get an apartment during NYSC days. You can’t question how parents decide to be present in their kid’s life.”

@DrMel_: “There are some thoughts you should never voice out loud.. now look at what you sound like.”

@ImadeIyamu: “Y’all are always bitter when you see parents loving & being there for their own children. Cry more.”🪷

@Ada_Ojilibeka: “Their children, their rules. You’ll have totally control on how you raise yours, Samuel. No input from anyone.”

@Queen_nmaeze: “My dad followed me to write both Jamb mock exam and Jamb exams. He waited until the exam was over and took me home. Whenever I traveled to school, he would go with me to the park and wait till we leave. When I was coming back too, he would wait at the park.”


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