Nigerian lady struggles in outfit on her way to an event

Beautiful lady shares her struggle after wearing a tight corset outfit and entering a public transport for an event.

The lady’s video which she shared to her Tiktok page, @everythingbyjojo5, has now gone viral on the app.

She was attending an event in her state and had to make use of public transport rather than car hailing services.

However, she was uncomfortable throughout the journey because of the tightness of her dress.

This video was gathered many reactions from social media users.

See some of them below

@Mrs O❤️ wrote: “Ahhhhh I swear i shout 😂😂 wetin you do your tailor”

@kvngFrankie claimed: “they should pay you for coming with your own air bag”

@Lulurichie reacted: “Omo see wetin you carry enter public vehicle you’re blessed with a heart of gold”

@Ahmed asked: “Hope the driver was concentrating because this is too much😳”

@pearlliehart replied: “Very tacky and also very hilarious. You just decided not to breathe? Just like that? 💀”

@bhee_chee said: “Meanwhile some of us have groundnut on our chest 😭”

@effedeborah asked: “How do we send her oxygen? 😩”

@Tife Franca added: “It’s a miracle you’re still alive 😂😂 let’s see the full outfit”

Watch the video here….


😂 over sweet #fyp #reel #fyppoppppppppppppppppppppppp #trending @yabaleftonline @yabaleftonlinemedia

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