Nigerian lady queries double standards in morality expectations for men and women

A Nigerian lady poses an interesting question about the double standards regarding cheating in a relationship or marriage for men and women.

The woman, known on social media as @lizbeth_xx, commented on a recent video she saw online discussing reasons why men can cheat while women cannot.

This video made her wonder what would happen if all women followed this advice and refrained from cheating, questioning who these men would then cheat with.

Her argument is not in favor of women cheating but rather emphasizes that if men expect women not to cheat, then men should also refrain from cheating.

She believes that despite the many issues in the world, there is always a right way to live.

Read some comments that followed…
edithsbeautyworld said: “Once the right way becomes the only way, our world will be better”

h.a_fancy stated: “It was like that. But then men marry more wives.”

darkblackboy001_ asked: “What about olosho junction???”

nnayi_kudos said: “😂😂😂😂😂😂. In summary, both parties are the doing the same. Let me clear you, married women should not sleep around not single ladies or girls.”

tochi_lifesyle noted: “You’re contradicting yourself too 😂”

milaonthegram2022 said: “They will just sleep with other men!! Is already happening 😂😂”


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