Nigerian groom left without shoes on his wedding day after his shoe delivery guy disappeared


A groom who is getting married today rushed to Twitter to ask for anyone who can deliver shoes to him after his shoe delivery guy disappeared hours to the wedding ceremony.

Twitter user@iamthatgeorge is getting married to his heartthrob today but his shoe delivery guy has left him without shoes after he didn’t show up and cannot be reached.

Taking to Twitter to ask for help, George Ademola wrote: “Who sells shoes and can deliver before 8am to CMD road? The guy who is supposed to deliver my shoes has disappeared into thin air and today is my wedding… We’ll talk about him later, who can deliver shoes? I would prefer this type.”

Twitter users did not disappoint and they replied, looking for ways to help him.

The groom, who is most likely at his wedding now, has not given an update yet,

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