Nigerian govt told to adopt 5G network immediately

Electrical and Electronics experts have called on the Nigerian government to adopt the 5G mobile technology now so that the country would not be left out of the ongoing global technological industrialisation and development.

They made the call at a 5G Health Symposium webinar organised by the Nigerian Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (NIEEE) on Saturday.

Speaking on controversies around 5G and radiation from antennas, the experts said that 5G mobile technology was faster and safer and used less oxidation and energy, making it safer than its predecessors.

Mr. Bako Wakil, Director, Technical Standards and Network Integrity, Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), said Nigeria had no 5G technology at the moment and stressed the need for policy formulation towards its adoption.

Wakil said that MTN was allowed to try the capability of the network in two cities in 2019, after which the 5G was “decommissioned.”

He explained that 5G was safer than its predecessors because it has far less radiation than 1G, 2G, 3G, and 4G networks.

According to him, NCC measured the exposure limits from mobile frequencies in line with global standards to ensure safety, stating that, as safe as the water was for human use, its abuse could cause harm.

“In NCC, we have been measuring and assessing base station radiations. All equipment coming into Nigeria is allowed after they are certified.

“Radiation coming from mobile base stations or mobile sets are not harmful. We should, as a country, have a policy, 5G is going to transform our people and country.

“We have been carrying out measurements of 5G radiations at NCC, and it is safe. Although it is safe, it is important to adopt safety measures, even water, if not properly used, can harm you.

“NCC has feedback mechanisms where we go round the country in our consumer outreach programmes as well as our town hall meetings, where we ensure stakeholders and consumers meet to address all consumer needs and complaints,” he said.

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