Nigerian Govt charge Jones Abiri with terrorism


The Nigerian government prosecuted journalist Jones Abiri for alleged economic sabotage and terrorism on Wednesday.

According to the premium times, Mr. Abiri sent to Shell and Agip officials, threatening text messages from his phone number to blow their oil installations if his demands were not met.

Journalist Jones Abiri who is also based in Bayelsa was accused of leading a gang in the blowing up of pipelines in the state.

Three counts of terrorism, economic sabotage, and fraud were filed by federal prosecutors against Mr. Abiri on Wednesday morning, according to his lawyer, Samuel Ogala, which were all done between June and July 2016.

The charges came nine months after Mr. Abiri was freed from the custody of the State Security Service, after spending two years there without trial.

The new York-based committee meant to protect journalists has asked for all charges concerning the journalist to be dropped as his ordeal of recent, has become the topic of discussion amongst media rights advocates.

Abri denied all allegations, claiming that he was being targeted for his media work that focused on the controversial conducts of oil companies and the Nigerian government in the Niger Delta.