Nigerian Cross Dresser Jay Boogie Slays in Skinny Jeans and Crop Top (Photos)


Popular Nigerian Cross Dresser, Jay Boogie, took to his social media pages to post stunning pictures of himself, in the pictures, Jay Boogie is seen wearing a blue skinny jeans and purple V – neck crop top, both effortlessly showed of his enviable curves, he was bare faced (without makeup) and on a wig, and accessorized with a pink fur bag and wrist watch.

Jay Boogie is known for his effortless slaying in beautiful female dresses, makeup and wigs he shares to his thousands of followers on his social media pages like Instagram and Facebook.

He captioned the pictures saying “You babies should stay off my DMs, I’m not in a position to baby sit and i still pamper your daddies…”. Jay Boogie is one of the few popular Cross Dressers in Nigeria breaking the norm, being themselves and living their truths, despite the seemingly phobic Nigerian environment to people like them.