Nigerian Cross dresser Jay Boogie Slays in Fendi Skirt and heels (Photos)


Nigerian popular Cross Dresser, Jay Boogie, is back on our screens slaying as usual.

The Popular cross dresser took to social media to share stunning pictures of himself in a Fendi Skirt, crop top and heels. Jay Boogie accessorized with just a red hand bag, no makeup, or earrings, or his favourite – wrist watches.

He captioned the pictures “You can not continue to bend to what the society wants you to be. There is a reason you are the way you are ..”. Yasssss! Preach sister girl!

Jay Boogie is Popularly known to slay and dress up in female clothes, hair and makeup, his physique and curves set the internet on fire any time he posts pictures of himself, competing with other popular Cross Dressers in Nigeria like Bobrisky, Onyx Godwin, James Brown and more.

Jay Boogie has been going on about his upcoming birthday in the new few weeks and we can not help but anticipate his slaying!

In the meantime, See photo of him Below…