Nigerian-born NBA player reunites with 90-year-old grand after 15 years (photo)

Festus Ezeli

In what could be described as a heartwarming event, Nigerian-born National Basketball Association (NBA) player, Festus Ezeli, recently shared the story of his reunion with his paternal grandmother.

Ezeli in a lengthy post explained that he flew back home for the first time in 15 years after he heard of his grandparent’s sickness.

He said he was worried she would not recognize him as she already had health issues with her sight and memory.

The basketball star disclosed that he had a much smaller stature the last time she saw him, adding that it was quite a confusing moment for her when he showed up in his current form.

He said when she saw him, his granny told another family member that was present that she feels like she knows him from somewhere, but cannot quite remember.

This was followed by his aunt reminding her that he is her grandson who left Nigeria to play basketball abroad several years ago.

“I was so excited that I broke down on my grandma, crying on her shoulder. For a sec I almost forgot how big I was, and how sick and frail she was, as I leaned on her. Felt like the clock turned back to me as a kid leaning over on my grandma as she held me,” the NBA star narrated.

See the photo below:

Festus Ezeli and his granny