Nigerian activist advises man to conduct DNA after discovering his wife was cheating with man she introduced as her uncle

A Nigerian activist, Comrade Israel Joe, has advised a man to do DNA tests on his children after he discovered his six-year wife had been cheating.

According to reports, the unfaithful wife introduced a man to be her husband as her uncle before their marriage.

On his Facebook profile, which he appears to have deleted, the man, Danny Endurance, made the charge against his wife, a hair vendor.

Danny stated that at their wedding introduction, his wife Chiki Avwerosuo Ejegi persuaded her purported lover to introduce himself to her husband as her uncle.

Mr. Joe, however, advised him to conduct DNA tests on his children to ascertain if he is their father so he can take full responsibility for them.

“You get evidence? The law does not work with “here say” but with facts. However, it is a civil matter so you can be separated while making every necessary action to action your decision,” Joe wrote.

“She cannot be arrested for cheating as it isn’t a críminąI offense. It is purely civil. Ensure you also conduct a DNA test for your children to ascertain the authentic paternity so you take full responsibility for them. Don’t use the sins of their mother against them.

“The both of you should parent them while you’re not in any conjugal mutuality. Even if you marry tomorrow, pls don’t let your new wife maltreat them.

“If you are really a good man, it might take time but she will regret her action. However, It is difficult to judge from one-sided story until we hear from your wife to balance up the narrative. Better girls full everywhere but you guys sometimes are blinded with emotions and “love” that does not exist.”

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