Nigeria Woman Beg: Tonto Dikeh leave my husband


I have been wanting to do this piece for some time now but somehow, I just get lazy each time I pull out my Lap top. This was the shrill cry from veteran Blogger and your favourite busy body Stella Dimoko during her recent spat with this otherwise very beautiful Lady and best friend to the very popular Transvestite- Bobrisky.

I really do not follow these infantile tirades of the so-called Social media influencers except when I want to begin to look at them as a symptom of the vacuous decay in society. So out of the blue with no real fundamental causative factor, two combatants would go on social media and begin to have verbal cat fights.

And just like its counterparts in the various motor parks and markets, onlookers will gather and start edging the combatants on, fuelling the spat and urging them to fight to the finish. Digital fights are very vicious since there is no physical engagements that could lead to bodily arm or anything. Its just data, fingers and exposed ego that could be bruised and badly damaged. So the combatants can go on for days and even months, exposing themselves and giving the near jobless audience an exciting distraction from the colourless world we find ourselves.

So veteran Stella and I use the words with little respect and not in the way I would use it for such veterans like Julie Coker or May Ellen Ezekiel. In this context I use it to describe the number of years she has been crawling in the mud in her special brand of journalism and the ‘great’ Tonto who in my estimation is beginning to look like the greatest irritant of our time have a go at each other.

And as expected it is no holds barred. Unfortunately, I happen to be following both on Instagram thereby finding myself in the front row. As a 50year old with the vaguest of idea as to how to manage these Phones, I am blasted with all sort of gory revelations from both sides. This irritates and throws me on edge. In trying to monitor other issues and trends as I try to find a new footing in social media, I get slapped with one gory detail after the other as splashed by the combatants and then it hits me.

Why do they enjoy this? Why are these spats ever so frequent. It is either Bobrisky the great gadfly of our time ranting over something or somebody or it is the ageless kemi Olunloyo stoking some controversy. I hear it is for the ‘likes and views’ the great fuel of the internet. To get that massive traffic you would have to throw yourself butt naked into the ‘fire’ so that people can fly to your space like hungry Moths to a flame.

So that must have been the sublime reason behind this spat. Tonto being who she is gives as good as she is getting. Stella on her part not to be found wanting throws in her very best into the matter. Blood flying everywhere it is a mutually accepted destruction of image and reputation by both fighters. Not as if they had any reputation left as a result of years of frequent battles with varied opponents.

And then it happened. Tonto is said to have gone beyond the line. She dragged Stella’s husband into the fray and Stella screamed for help – leave my husband. Laugh want kill me. Who decides the rules in anarchy? Are there laws guiding madness. Who decides when decency comes into a market fray where the women are already out there in flabby breast and fallen buttocks displaying expired wares to an excited crowd who can only laugh at the stupidity unfolding in the market square?

She screamed leave my husband, but then again, the question here is where has the husband been all these years. The fetters of control have been weak hence the continuous push into the deep hole of scandal and abuse and as such he has to suffer for not understanding how to enforce restraint from the back.

The case is like when you slap someone and then you still insist that you must dictate how your victim will react. ‘no don’t kick my groin, but just tap my cheeks’ being an appropriate response to the slap. No na roforofo my sister. No rules and everything goes.

If your Husband would not be dragged in don’t even engage. Be like Oprah Winfrey and pursue positive women issues. Be like Bolanle Austen Peters and carry yourself with the dignity of the matriarch that you are otherwise, we will soon see your husbands nude if care is not taken.

Anyways, Tonto please next time leave her husband out of it o, if you can. Kai. Madness.