Nigeria music industry not conducive for reality show stars – Immaculate Edache


A former Project Fame finalist Immaculate Edache has observed that persons who partake in music reality shows go through difficult times after the contest.

She asserts that contestants are left to their fate after earning the platform to showcase their talents as virtually no assistance is given them.

“I don’t think the Nigerian music industry is conducive for reality show stars,” she says in an interview with Sunday Scoop. “A lot of talents are usually discovered and put in the spotlight during such shows. However, they are often left hanging, putting them in a fix after the show because they cannot get the necessary help needed to push their careers to the top.”

“They are left to keep up with the ‘star life’ and are expected to live in a certain way that their finances cannot sustain. Fortunate ones get good deals after the shows or are lucky to make a name for themselves. It’s indeed sad to see great talents wither away.”

The pretty singer, songwriter and actress, who rose to fame in 2013, as one of the finalists on Season 6 of MTN Project Fame West Africa has arguably been inactive for a while.

She explains that her absence is as a result of a project she has been working on. She expressed utmost conviction that the said project, when released, will make a great impact.

She says: “I have many outstanding projects that have taken so much time to be unveiled to the public. I am super excited about all and the gradual process of execution. Like it’s usually said, ‘It’s not how far, but how well’. The end result is all that matters.”