Nigeria man blasts Mercy Eke over not being happy as her fans are not supporting her enough


The Bbnaija winner of the 2019, Mercy Eke, has taken to her Instagram to share how pained she was that her fans are not supporting her enough.

In her live video, she compared herself with the like of other foreign influencers that their fans are very crazy about and had even got their fans to patronised their products no matter how inferior what they are advertising was.

As you know that Nigerians don’t waste time to have answers for any problem you dish out.

One twitter user has quickly taken to his Twitter handle to reply Mercy Eke;

See what he posted below:

People supported Mercy Eke till she won #BBNAIJA, they are still supporting her online & offline. But she’s not happy her fans are not like Nicki Minaj’s, Kim Kardashian’s et al. People should use all their life to support you because you are holding the key to their destiny? SMH