Nigeria Launches Its First Ever Full Blown Blue Film Company -Shocking Details


For some time now, many analysts and pundits of the Nigerian movie industry have hailed the new breed of filmmakers and their improved ways of telling stories as the future of Nollywood. However, a silent group of producers seem to have struck gold in making soft P0rn, and it is booming.

I am sure by now you may have seen some Nollywood movie preview on YouTube with a very alluring thumbnail that tempts you to click and watch. When you click to watch you would usually see a teaser with a seeming plot that ends with a steamy $ex scene; and an announcement that ‘if you want to see the full video or raw behind the scenes footage email or call/WhatsApp some specific numbers’.
But it does not end there. When you contact them, you’re given a price and bank account details to pay to, in order to receive the titles you hope to see sent to your email. Some producers also point you to a website where you can pay an amount to subscribe and watch these titles.

These movies are usually of low quality, with little or no storyline but a lot of nudity and dry humping. But sometimes things get more explicit as some titles go even further to show real intercourse.
After digging around, I found out that one of the producers of such movies was a familiar face in Nollywood and the Nigerian entertainment sector. In confidence of not revealing his real name (and of course paying to see a number of his movies), he agreed to allow me to interview him regarding what many would term his imm0ral and evil new direction.

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