Nigeria has less than 200 Covid-19 cases but the truth is possibly thousands are already infected


Many don’t know that Coronavirus somes may be asymptomatic, this means you can have the virus without giving any signs.

Few days ago the health commissioner of Lagos State said thatCoronavirus cases in Lagos may surge to 39,000.

Prof. Akin Abayomi, Lagos State Commissioner for Health Lagos state warned on Friday that coronavirus cases in the state may surge to 39,000 in the coming weeks if proactive measures were not put in place to avoid the situation.

According to PM news, he warned that infected cases may increase if the contacts were not observing self-isolation or social distancing.

According to him, the mathematical projection was that the state could have up to 39,000 cases.

He said this has not happened because of the state’s strategy of tracing primary contacts of victims and constant follow up.

At worse, the state does not expect to have more than 13,000 cases, he said.

Lagos is making significant progress compared to what is happening across the globe, he added.

“We have to make sure that we practise aggressive social distancing. If we carry on with out strategy we will not give the disease the opportunity to spread”

Abayomi stated that the current statistics compared to other countries after four weeks showed that the country was getting it right, containing and curtailing the virus.

“We are doing something right in Lagos. Then if we continue to do that, we will remain on the lower trajectory.

“It shows we are keeping the curve flat which is allowing us to keep up with number of cases we have so far. Until the virus runs out of wind, the curve will flatten, bend and continue to reduce.

“At four weeks, Spain and Italy had thousands of cases.

“But after four weeks we have just 37. Our data shows that Lagos and Nigeria are doing very well in containing this virus.”

Having said all this, we should not overlook the fact that there have been thousands of contacts already and this contacts in turn have made several other contacts.

The first step forward is the lock down approach which most States shouldhave started before now. This approach would make isolation of possible infected persons and also help stop the spread of the virus.

The second step is to follow all safety guidelines given by the NDCC.

My only fear is have thousands not been infected already?