Tonto Dikeh Offers Parenting Tip


The Nigerian actress isn’t impressed when parents tell their kids they haven’t an answer to a question asked. Tonto Dikeh says you shouldn’t tell them you don’t know but rather, you’ll get back to them (kids). She wrote:

As parents, it’s important that instead of telling our kids we don’t know something they are asking us about, we should tell them know that we’d get back to them. We must make them trust us to clarify them on things; when that trust is there, they’ll always run to you.

For example, your child comes to you with an assignment, or a video game, or a problem they need to solve, or just a random question that you might find dumb and unnecessary, often times our reply is “Baby I don’t know it..”
And this can lead them out there to the wrong hands and influence.

When you don’t know something they ask you about, lovingly assure them that you’d get back to them. Take a moment privately, google it up, make a research about the subject, and get back to them.

It is important that we raise children who look up to us as role models and mentors; children that don’t feel any restriction to pouring their curiosity on us as parents. That’s how intimacy and friendship develops with your children — when they trust you enough to share anything with you and ask you anything.

I APPLY this with my son hence he so loves me, and treats me like a superhero.
I know I have no super powers but for my son, I WILL ALWAYS BE MORE +1