“Nigeria does not have the best women in the world, they’re liars” – Singer Ruger (video)

Nigerian singer, Ruger, is of the opinion that Nigeria does not have the best women in the world.

He shared this opinion during a fresh interview with Beat FM. He opined that Nigerian girls are liars and according to him, his people are toxic.

‘’100% we don’t have the best women in the world. That is a fact. We don’t. It’s straightforward. No man that has been around will just say that. We don’t have the best women. We have good women but we don’t have the best.” he said

The singer added that he would never consider bringing any girl on stage during a performance in Nigeria because most of them are in relationships. He added that Nigerians have been the ones complaining about him bringing girls on stage in other countries.

‘’My people are toxic. I know them. And most of the girls in Nigeria are in a relationship. I don’t want someone to come for me. Nigerian girls are liars. They will be in a relationship and will be lying.” he said

Watch the video from his interview below…

See some reactions below,

One Lotus Bun wrote, “And they made popular. Heal from the heartbreak you’re going through ewu

One The Food Networking wrote, “We accept all kinds of disrespect in this country! Try it with Americans, you’re canceled for life! This is not how a celebrity should talk about his compatriots

One Eniola Myde wrote, “Nah coz you dey cover one eye, nah why you no fit see and access our Naija girls properly

One Inumidun wrote, “No wonder he’s partially blind, I believe it’s affecting his brain. Nigerian women are the best women in the world

One Tooshup wrote, “This is what happens when one person shows you shege and the rest suffer for it

One Mentrax wrote, “The distance between Ruger’s sense and brain is like from Nigeria to Mexico

One Okoye Ella wrote, “That’s why you are still upcoming. Ode Omo”.

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