Neymar’s ex-girlfriend changed 6 boyfriends after breaking up and married a farmer at 29


Fans who like football are no strangers to Neymar. Neymar is a new star in the current football session, and he is a famous playboy with many girlfriends. When it comes to his girlfriend, Barbara Evans has to be mentioned. She is Neymar’s first girlfriend. After Neymar broke up with her, she started her wandering life.

The relationship between the two started very suddenly and ended very quickly. Less than a month later, the two broke up. Neymar also started his own playboy life after this breakup, and Barbara soon had a new boyfriend. After Barbara and Neymar broke up, she soon came together with Brazilian model, drama and television actor Lucas Malwavini. The two had been together for two years, and they were separated when they were about to achieve a result.

Until April 2018, Barbara met his current boyfriend Gustavo. According to media reports, he was a businessman with many farms. The two have been dating for more than a year, and engaged in July 2019.