Newborn baby with coronavirus recovers without medication


A 17-day-old baby who was born with the deadly new strain of coronavirus has recovered from the deadly disease after being a patient in the outbreak’s Chinese epicentre.

The newborn baby, Xiao Xiao, is the youngest in the country to recover from the deadly Coronavirus, having returned to full health without the help of any medication. On the day she was born she was transferred to Wuhan Children’s Hospital where she was diagnosed with the strain of coronavirus known as Covid-19. She had a respiratory infection and minor damage to her heart, but as her symptoms weren’t obvious doctors decided to let her body fight off the disease by itself.

Speaking to Chinese state broadcaster CCTV, the hospital’s Department of Neonatology Dr Zeng Lingkong said:

‘She did not have obvious difficulties in breathing, did not cough or have fevers, therefore we only gave her treatment for her myocardial condition.’ Doctors say Xiao Xiao has fully recovered from both her heart disease and coronavirus and was let out of the hospital after four negative tests for the airborne bug.

Dr Zeng added: ‘She even grew bigger and fatter here.’