New survey reveals Kenyan men have had at least 7 sexual partners

A new survey released by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) has revealed that Kenyan men have an average of seven sexual partners in their lifetime, while women have had two.

According to the report titled ” Demographic and Health Survey”, 35 per cent of men said they’ve been having sex in the last 12 months with a person who was neither their wife nor living with them compared to 19 per cent of women. 

It read; 

“A higher proportion of men (15%) than women (4%) reported having two or more sexual partners in the 12 months prior to the survey.

“Of those with more than one partner in the last 12 months, 24% of women and 45% of men reported using a condom during their last sexual intercourse.” 

In terms of age, the 20-24 years old had the highest percentage (5.8%) with more than two sexual partners followed by those in 15-29 and 30-39 age brackets. Women in their forties had the least at 2.4 per cent.

The survey also revealed that wealthier and more educated men have a higher number of sexual partners than their poorer counterparts.

Men between 20-29 years had the highest percentage (21.5%) with more than two sexual partners, followed by men in their thirties (17%), in their forties (13%) and the least sexual partners being teenagers aged 15-19 (5.3%).

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