New movie Scourge set to tackle drug abuse

A non-govermental organisation

A non-governmental organisation, Trauma Savers Life Support Foundation, is set to premiere a new movie, Scourge, to address the menace of drug abuse and addiction among youths and artisans.

The convener of the foundation, Beth Ola, said that a team of experts have been going across public secondary schools in Lagos State to educate students about the menace of drug addiction and the danger it portends. She said that the movie would be premiered in cinemas, starting from November.

According to her, consumption of illicit substances by youths has posed a serious challenge to the growth and development of the Nigerian society, adding that over 60 per cent of Nigerian youths consumed various forms of illicit drugs – a development she said had made them irresponsible to themselves and the society.

“I have seen a lot in my interactions with these students and I can tell you that the situation is bigger than what people think.”

“When you hear how these students love to get high on ridiculous things, you would be alarmed and worried.”

“We cater for about 1000 students each time we visit public schools as we give out T-shirts and other gift items that could help in disseminating the information and enlighten the students on the danger of getting addicted to drug and alcohol”.

With over 15 public secondary schools visited in Lagos, Ola disclosed that her foundation discovered that most of the students got exposed to life of drugs and alcohol at tender age, adding that some of them also were exposed to it from parents and guardians, who are not conscious of what they do in the presence of their children.

She stressed that with the support of the Lagos State government, more schools would be visited as they planned to employ the services of more actors and actresses, who would stage live plays and dramas that could further explain to the students on the need to stay away from drugs.

The lead consultant to the foundation, actor, Saheed Balogun, also said the foundation would be organising seminars for students on the dangers of drug abuse and its effects.