New evidence reveals Joe Exotic and Travis got some of the cats addicted to meth and cocaine


According to new evidence from a source who was close to one of Joe Exotic’s husband, some of the cats at Joe’s zoo were addicted to math and cocaine.

Albert who claims he was close to Travis Maldonado even before he moved to Alabama and married Joe say Travis told him about all his adventures at the ZOO. Albert said he know everything and Travis told him about marrying Joe for all the benefits even though he was straight.

Albert said Travis was a very adventurous person and the most curious dude he knew. “He used to tell me some weird stories that go down at the ZOO but nothing tops the one about him doing drugs with the Tiger cubs. He said there were two young cubs that got addicted to cocaine a later got addicted to meth and he used to get high with them all the time and Joe helped him get the cat’s high.”

Travis Maldonado and Joe exotic

Apparently the cats loved to be high so much the even knew where he stashed his Paraphernalia and they would bring them to him when they need a fix”

Albert said he always communicated with Travis but he thought most of his stories were false until he saw the Tiger King documentary. “We kept in contact via social media and he’d call me now and then, we talked on the phone three days before he died.