New ‘epidemic’ sends hundreds of Queen’s College pupils home


A new epidemic has sent hundreds of Queen’s College pupils home, TONTRENDS learnt from the Parent’s Teachers Association Chairman, Mr John Ofobike.

The school had a water borne epidemic in 2017, which claimed three pupils and led to its closure for months during which its old students association rehabilitated its facilities.

Ofobike said he could not tell the nature of the sickness but learnt from a parent whose ward had been treated at the hospital that the illness was caused by food and water bacterial infection.

He said when he visited on Sunday, hundreds of girls were being given exeat to go home to be get treatment.

He however noted that the principal, whom he claimed did not want the issue to be publicised, refused to allow him see the register of sick pupils.

He said: “I am not a doctor so I don’t know if the problem is caused by water but there is a problem already in the school and parents are calling me.

“I was there on Sunday. So many children over 100 were waiting for exeat to go out. The sick bay was filled with children everywhere on the beds and benches.

“You know when people are queuing for INEC registration, that was how it was. And these girls are in exam classes – SS3 and JSS3.

“I went to the principal to tell her to alert the government but she did not want to aleart the government. The children are sick because the environment is unkempt.

“I said let me look at the register at the sick bay. But the principal instructed the nurse not to allow me see the register – I who as the PTA Chairman am the father of all the girls in the school.

“I was there when one parent brought his daughter. He showed me the medical report which stated that there is a bacterial infection for food and water. I have written the Federal Ministry of Education to report the matter.”

When asked if the PTA had complained about the school being unkempt before or done anything to help salvage the situation, Ofobike said: “We have not seen this type before. I have been in the school for three years as a PTA Chairman so I know when the environment is unclean.

“Again, PTA is not part of the school management team. The school does call our attention for assistance when necessary.’

Regarding the symptoms the pupils exhibited, Ofobike said: “When I visited the school sick bay, the students complained of pain all over their body, cough, body temperature is high. I am not a doctor to know what the problems are.”