New clubs confirmed into Premier League for 2019/20 Season


New season to begin when Norwich, Sheffield United and Aston Villa get Premier League share certificates

When the Premier League’s Annual General Meeting convenes on Wednesday the three promoted clubs, Norwich city, Sheffield United and Aston Villa will be able to say, “We are Premier League”.

The three clubs relegated from the Premier League in 2018/19, Cardiff City, Fulham and Huddersfield Town, transfer back their share certificates that gave them Premier League status.

The Premier League Board of Directors will then confirm the cancellation of these shares.

A new share certificate for each of the promoted clubs will be signed by the Premier League directors and company secretary and the three clubs entered into the share register, as required under company law.

The confirmation of the three promoted clubs as members of the Premier League will then be made at the AGM, when the League will formally welcome them and they will be awarded their framed share certificates.

Norwich, Sheffield Utd and Aston Villa, as well as the 17 other clubs, can then look forward to fixture release day on 13 June at 09:00, to find out their opponents on the opening weekend of 10 August and for the rest of the season.