‘Never sleep with a Nigerian girl who has slept with a white man’- Guy advises


A Nigerian man has asked guys to shun the company of Nigerian girls and black women in general who have sex with white men.

The guy claimed he has heard all the nasty things these desperate girls do with the white folks when they rendering their sexual services in exchange for money and wouldn’t advise any right-thinking Nigerian guy to date them.

He wrote:

‘I work in a multinational company, My colleague a white guy dates Naija girls. He usually calls to tell me how many girls he has slept with. .how he slept with them…From his stories …They are willing to Bleep his brains out…

They can do anything to please him. They swallow, Do anal etc…Not only Naija girls…Black girls, in general, heard a lot of these shitty stories when I was studying in Europe…

It is so sad you will(not me) end marrying them..If she has dated a white man…There is a high probability she has been fvcked in the ass…’